November 2019 Legislative Update


Property Tax Bill:  CHCA was made aware earlier this year that several counties are working to classify nursing homes as “Commercial or Mixed Use” properties, instead of residential properties.  The impact of such a change would be significant increases in property tax bills. The association has worked with Representative Tracy Kraft-Tharp of Arvada, who will be introducing a bill this session that will clarify that properties licensed under nursing home licensure rules are to be treated as residential property for purposes of property taxation.  A draft of the bill will be available in January and will be shared with the membership at that time.

FMLA:  Last year the Colorado General Assembly considered a bill that would have mandated paid family and medical leave.  At that time, the legislation was estimated to cost a total of $1 Billion to implement. Half of those costs would have been paid by employers and half by employees through payroll taxes.  The bill did not pass last year, but was designated to be formally studied.  This bill will most certainly be brought forth during the coming legislative session.  CHCA will again share the concerns of the long term care profession, especially the idea of increasing costs without increasing available funding for providers.  A recent Denver Post article highlights ongoing developments.

Minimum Wage: During the 2019 Legislative Session a bill was passed to allow local governments to mandate minimum wages that are higher than the state minimum wage.  During debate, CHCA opposed the measure on the basis of significantly increased costs without increasing funding.  As a result of our efforts the bill incudes a requirement that the state fund a wage enhancement for Medicaid providers as such time as a local government passes an increased minimum wage. Denver officials have stated that they intend to increase the minimum wage beginning in January 2020 (Denver Post Article).  CHCA has begun working with HCPF to figure out how the wage enhancement can take place.  We will keep providers posted as developments occur.

From Last Newsletter: Governor Polis Recommends Cuts to Nursing Home Funding