CHCA Season Tickets

The 2024 CHCA  Season Ticket provides the enhanced  value of 20 seats throughout the season that may be used in any training that is $50 or less with CHCA  This provides your community with $1,000 worth of classes for $750 while significantly increasing your flexibility!

To purchase a Season Ticket, please complete the CHCA Season Ticket Pass Request, if you have any additional questions please email CHCA.


Q) Is this for 20 available seats to each training?
A) No, it is for 20 seats total throughout the season (2024).

Q) Is this just for one employee?
A) No, each individual “seat” my be used for any personnel in your community, or even for multiple individuals in one training.

Q) When does the community have to use the 20 seats by?
A) The entries are valid until the December 31st, 2024.

Q) May we use it for pre-recorded trainings or programs that have already taken place?
A) Yes! If it is for a program that has already taken place, please contact CHCA and we will register you and provide the participation details. Please remember that it is only valid for trainings that are $50 or less.

Q) May these be used for any of the series that CHCA offers?
A) Sometimes. It would only qualify if each day of the series is $50 or less, and it would require the use of a “season ticket” entry for each individual per day. This means the employee would need to register for each individual day, rather than the series as a whole. Please note, this does not include trainings such as the Medication Aide Training being provided by C&G; that program is offered Per facility at a nominal fee. Any additional exceptions will be provided by Bonita Jones, VP of Operations.

Q) How will CHCA manage each facilities entries, and how will I know if my community has take advantage of all of our available seats?
A) CHCA will make each community a Season Pass Holder, as well as track the usage of the ticket entries per facility. When a community has taken advantage of all 20 seats this season, CHCA will remove their season pass holder privilege’s, and notify the Administrator of the facility.

Q) What happens if I am charged a fee for a training and I am a season pass holder?
A) CHCA will review your communities account to ensure that you still have seats available, that the program qualifies, and that there weren’t any issues with registration. If there is an error, CHCA will credit your community.

Q) Is this offer only for CHCA Facility Members?
A) The Season Ticket Pass is available to any Facility or Associate Member. This offer is only valid for CHCA Members.

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