CHCA Councils & Committees

All Members of the Colorado Health Care Association are invited to attend the CHCA Council and Committee meetings.  In order to receive Committee-specific information and updates, please complete the information below.

For committee meeting dates and times, please refer to the CHCA Events Calendar.

CHCA Councils & Committees

Available Council Meetings

Activity Professionals Council

The role of the activity professional has evolved over the past few years into one of the most instrumental roles in health care communities today. This committee strives to keep members abreast of changing professional standards as well as provide support for quality programs and innovations in long term care communities

Bi-Weekly Membership Update

CHCA will provide relevant updates, answer questions and take feedback from the membership.

Council of Associate Members

The Council of Associate Members is dedicated to supporting the Colorado Health Care Association in their efforts to help meet the needs of long term care residents. Our purpose is to work with the CHCA Board, provider members, and other stakeholders in a collaborative manner to deliver quality of care to the disabled and frail elderly in our community.

Colorado Center for Assisted Living

This Committee works to monitor proposed legislation and regulations for assisted living facilities and assists in developing educational sessions geared toward assisted living providers.

Governmental Policy Council

This Council works to monitor all proposed legislation (State & Federal) affecting long term care, organizes lobbying efforts as needed, and monitors any proposed changes in Medicaid Reimbursement.

Medicaid Provider Collaborative Committee

The goal of this committee is to create a forum for providers to voice their concerns and struggles with Medicaid determination and reimbursement. The committee aggregates the struggles and resulting questions from across the state to bring to the attention of state governments in order to work towards an agreeable solution. The committee also allows for Medicare providers from different entities across the membership to share ideas, tips and advice from past experiences in each county.

Nurse Executive and Infection Prevention Council

Long-term care nurse professionals network with and educate nurses on current clinical management and survey standards, while keeping abreast of pertinent regulatory and legislative issues. They recommend ongoing educational opportunities for nursing professionals from SDCs and CNAs to nurse executives.

This Committee’s goal will be to establish a forum where attendees share best practices, tools, resources and approach for the implementation of effective infection control processes, with a focus on compliance and achieving superior outcomes for our residents.

Nutritional Professionals Council 

This Council works to empower food and nutrition professionals in Colorado through education, information, and networking, and to ensure high quality food & nutrition and culinary programs to long term care residents. They design the annual 4-day Food & Nutrition Training Course.

Quality Initiatives and Leadership

This committee has adopted the AHCA Quality Initiative Goals for Colorado. Through education, support, and guidance, QIL is focused on improving quality in Colorado nursing homes and assisted living communities. The committee has chosen some focus areas: staff stability, Quality Awards, and unintended health care outcomes, to name a few, that will drive committee work over the next couple of years and further the overarching goal of supporting the great work that goes on every day in our Colorado communities.

Safety and Emergency Preparedness Council

This committee addresses the Requirements of Participation around emergency preparedness to help facilities become proactive in this growing area of focus. Knowledgeable speakers are invited to present about areas of concern and members share both challenges and best practices.

Social Service Professionals Council

This Council works to empower social services staff in Colorado through education, information, and networking. Their primary goal is to provide high quality psychosocial support to long term care residents and their families. They design and present CHCA’s annual Social Work Certification course for those new to long term care. Meeting topics include working effectively with regulations and survey readiness, as well as sharing programming that promotes dignity, respect and culture change initiatives.