CHCA Advocacy Center

The Colorado Health Care Association works diligently to advocate for the interests of nursing home and assisted living providers.  We advocate with state and federal government agencies as well as elected officials in the State of Colorado and the United States Congress.  While the association’s formal advocacy is a powerful tool, the most powerful advocacy comes from those providing the services…our members.  The CHCA Advocacy Center is designed to keep CHCA members informed on state and national issues and to provide contact information and advice for interacting for your elected officials.

The State Legislation tab contains a list of all bills that are introduced in the Colorado General Assembly that CHCA is tracking.  The CHCA Issue Briefs tab contains a list of Issue Briefs that CHCA has developed to use in advocating our position on bills with Colorado lawmakers.  The Lawmaker Contacts tab provides a list of all CHCA member nursing home and assisted living centers along with the Colorado House and Senate member that represent the care center.  Here members can find email addresses and phone numbers for their elected officials.  The Advice on Contacting Lawmakers tab provides some helpful tips for interacting with elected officials.  The Advocacy Blog tab maintains all past blogs on matters related to CHCA advocacy.  Finally, the National Issues tab contains information from the American Health Care Association on policy matters that are being advocated on your behalf with federal agencies and the United States Congress.