Associate Membership Application

The Colorado Health Care Association & Center for Assisted Living is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to improving health care for the elderly, convalescent, or chronically ill persons. CHCA believes that the health care system has a responsibility to meet the physical and psychosocial needs of the Long Term Care patient in the most cost-effective manner.

The membership represents licensed proprietary and non-proprietary nursing care facilities, assisted living residences, and retirement communities. Founded to provide a voice for health care providers and to promote excellence in Long Term Care services, CHCA offers improvement of quality care through its ongoing educational programs, research, and legislative efforts.

 Platinum Membership Benefits 

Platinum Associate Membership Fee: $2100 (Calendar Year: January – December)

  • Complimentary Attendance at Two CHCA/CCAL Educational Programs
  • Periodic advertisement in conjunction with other Platinum members in a banner at the bottom of the CHCA website.
  • Access to the CHCA Long Term Care Resource Directory
  • Receive CHCA Communication & Long-Term Care Updates
  • Participation in Council & Association Meeting
  • Subscription to CHCA In-Focus Newsletter
  • Complimentary Web Site Link
  •  New Platinum Members have the opportunity to present during a Board of Directors Meeting (5 minute presentation; limited annual availability).
  • Exclusive Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities
  •  The opportunity to present education to CHCA Members on topics that pertain to Long-Term Care. The VP of Operations will determine whether it would be valuable to CHCA Communities
  • Priority booth placement at CHCA events
  • Platinum Associate Member Logos are advertised once annually prior to select CHCA meetings. Those represented vary with each meeting.

CHCA Platinum Associate Members will be provided with one complimentary booth at either a Spring Conference (This will include entry for two representatives, and limited amenities) or Fall Convention (This will include entry for four representatives, and limited amenities).

CHCA Platinum Members also have exclusive access to the following Marketing Opportunities:

  • Advertisement in the Focus Newsletter ($250 per Ad)
    A.  We will run up to 3 non-competing members ads at a time
  • Direct Advertisement Email ($500 per email)
    A. This email would be sent to the entire membership from CHCA’s President & CEO
    B. Each email would include 2 non-competing member ads
  • 2 Minute Presentation during a CHCA Bi-Weekly Meeting ($500 per presentation)
    A. A representative of your company would be invited to provide a 2 minute presentation to meeting attendees at the beginning of the meeting
  • Personalized email introductions—5 provider member companies ($500)
    A. An introductory email would be customized by your company’s representative and sent by CHCA’s President & CEO

Silver Membership Benefits 

Silver Associate Membership Fee: $1000 (Calendar Year: January – December)

  • Membership prices on all CHCA Events
  • Receive CHCA Communication & Long-Term Care Updates
  • Participation in Council & Association Meetings
  • Subscription to CHCA In-Focus Newsletters
  • Complimentary Web Site Link
  • Exclusive Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

Membership Form - Associate

  • Please list the company's physical address, if an alternative address needs to be used for billing, please let Katie know when giving payment.
  • Company Primary Contact will be the contact listed for CHCA members to contact for information/services
  • Max. file size: 21 MB.
  • Membership Category

    SPECIAL NOTE: All renewing members MUST complete the application to ensure that we have the most current and accurate information on your company. Call for advertising rates in CHCA Friday Focus.