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Vaccine Acceptance Office Hours-Dr. Palet and Allison Villegas, PA

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Katie O'Dell

As the first few weeks of vaccination data from our Colorado facilities begins to roll in, we are seeing an alarmingly low acceptance from our staff. With less than an average of 50% of staff vaccinations occurring thus far, that leaves the majority of our staff at risk to contract the virus and infect others if these poor outcomes continue, placing the facilities at a high probability for continued outbreaks.

With the desire to inform, CHCA has partnered with the Colorado’s Medical Directors to extend a virtual “Office Hours”. These office hours will host a Medical Director whom is not affiliated with a specific healthcare building to address frequently asked questions and then allow staff to ask questions about the vaccination, and voice any fears they might have about the vaccination, side effects, potential risks, and any other concerns they may have.

The hope is to increase vaccination confidence, and increase the numbers that move us closer to getting this disease out of your homes. Your team is the key to this success. Let’s let them know them know their thoughts matter.

Feel free to include one of the office hours at a staff meeting, or extend the invitation to your employees, whatever is helpful to educate your staff and give them the opportunity to be heard.

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