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Substance Use 101

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Virtual Training

Date: September 7th, 2023

Time: 10 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Trainer: Diana Padilla

A knowledge of substance use disorders and common behavioral symptoms are essential to understanding how to support residents with substance use disorders within the nursing home environment. This 30-minute webinar will define substance use terminology, examine signs and symptoms and review substance use screening tools that can be used in nursing facilities. The importance of using stigma-free language for providing person centered care will also be discussed.   

Learning objectives:   
1. Distinguish between substance use, misuse, and substance use disorder.  
2. Recognize the signs and symptoms of possible substance use.  
3. Describe how recovery-oriented language can engage and support people with SUDs.  
4. Identify the importance of conducting substance use screening as a part of the assessment process.   
Total time: 60 minutes 

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