Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact


Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) Information

Colorado entered into the new Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) with the adoption of Senate Bill 18-027. The eNLC increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Under the eNLC, nurses are able to provide care to patients in other eNLC states, without having to obtain additional licenses.

For nurses with licenses issued on July 21, 2017 or later:

  • You must obtain a fingerprint background check in order to continue practicing with your multi-state license after April 19, 2018. Instructions on how to obtain a fingerprint-based criminal background check will be distributed as soon as available by the Colorado Board of Nursing. Once you receive that information, it is critical you obtain a fingerprint background check as soon as possible in order to avoid delays in processing your application.
  • If your fingerprint background check is not completed, processed and received by the Board of Nursing by April 19, 2018, your multi-state license will be changed to a single-state license and you will only be allowed to practice in Colorado.

For nurses with licenses issued prior to July 21, 2017:

  • You are grandfathered into the eNLC and retain your ability to practice in all eNLC states. There is nothing further you need to do.

For nurses practicing as an APN in Colorado with an out-of-state RN license:

  • No action is required at this time. Your out-of-state compact license continues to be valid in Colorado.

For nurses who applied for a single-state license prior to the adoption of the eNLC:

  • As before, your compact license from your home state can be used to continue practicing in Colorado with no other action needed.
  • Because you are not being issued a single-state license, you will receive a refund from the Colorado Board of Nursing to reimburse the fees paid for your single-state application. Refunds will take time, and are estimated to be completed within the next six months.

Those who fail to meet the new licensure requirements may still be eligible for a single state license. If you feel you need a single-state license, please contact our Office of Licensing via email at dora_dpo_licensing@state.co.us no later than January 31, 2018.

New applicants for Colorado licensure will also need to obtain fingerprint-based criminal background checks. Information on obtaining a background check will be included in the application process, when available.

For additional information, please view our Frequently Asked Questions. The Nursys website will help you determine in which states you may practice. Information also is available via the the eNLC.