CHCA Pageant FAQ

Q) Who may be a contestant in the CHCA Pageant?

A) Any resident who lives at a Long Term Care Community that is part of CHCA (this includes Skilled Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Facilities).


Q) How many nominees may be submitted for each facility?

A) You may submit as many nominees as you would like for the District level; one contestant will then be chosen to represent the District by the District Chairman to proceed to the final round.


Q) What needs to be submitted with the District Level submission?

A) Please provide the following:

  1. Contestant Nomination Form
  2. Contestant Video (of their favorite memory- please keep the recording limited to two minutes)
  3. Contestant Q&A
  4. Life story
  5. Facility contact information (including an employee point for contact for the resident)
  6. Photo of your resident


Q) What happens after the District Level?

A) Once the District Chairs have chosen the contestant that will represent the District, this nominees information will be provided to the panel of judges for the Final Round. After the 2021 CHCA Pageant Winner is chosen, it will be announced at the 2021 Fall Convention. The winning resident will be crowned at their community, or during the pageant during the 2021 Fall Convention.


Please note that anyone attending the CHCA Pageant is required to register for a ticket to the event, unless they are the contestant or the escort.