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Hickenlooper Releases Details
To State Budget Proposal
Governor John Hickenlooper released complete details of his proposed state budget from the coming year.  Gov. Hickenlooper unveiled his proposed budget last week and presented it to budget writers on November 12, 2014. Lawmakers are expected to get an earful during the session that begins in January from interest groups wanting the state to keep the money to replenish recession-era cuts.
Click on the following link for the complete proposed budget for 2015-16:
Mark Bedinger Elected Chairman of Board 
for the Colorado Health Care Association 
Mark Bedinger was elected to succeed Janet Snipes as the Chairman of the Board of the Colorado Health Care Association during the organization’s 2014 fall convention.  Previously, Mark served in other capacities on the Board, most recently as First Vice Chair.
Mark started his career in long term care in the culinary arena with a strong desire to provide outstanding food and service to the population our industry serves.  He was promoted into a position of providing regional oversight of food service operations in 15 buildings, traveling between California, Washington, Nevada, Arizona and Utah.
A desire to provide excellent service to residents in long term care spurred Mark to become a Nursing Home Administrator.  “I felt there was a great opportunity to apply the principles of hospitality across the full spectrum of services provided in the homes I worked in.”
Having spent 12 years working for a large national chain, in 2001 Mark decided that working for an independent owner would best allow him the freedom to fully apply the principles of hospitality to the management of a home.  He made the decision to go to work for Dick Whelan at Saint Paul Health Center in Denver.  “Dick was instrumental in giving me the latitude to pursue my passion of integrating hospitality into a model of health care delivery that was already seeing transformative change.”
Mark soon began managing the three buildings in the joint portfolio of Dick Whelan and Robert (Bob) Wilson.  In 2004, Mark launched Colavria Hospitality, a Denver-based company that provides a full spectrum of management and consulting services in long term and short term care.  In 2013, Mark purchased one of the facilities from Dick and Bob.
Mark looks forward to working with the rest of the Board to continue to chart a direction that promotes our industry’s financial health, fair regulatory environment, and the on-going efforts toward offering a truly person-centered care model.
During the Annual Membership Meeting on Tuesday, September 16th, a new Board of Directors were duly elected.  We congratulate our new Board:
  • Mark Bedinger, Chairman of the Board
  • Jay Moskowitz, 1st Vice Chairman
  • John Brammeier, Treasurer
  • Bob Jones, Secretary
  • C.J. Rocke, 2nd Vice Chairman
  • Wayne Sanner, 3rd Vice Chairman
  • Susan Reimer, Colorado Center for Assisted Living Vice Chairman
  • Lawrence Cowan, Non-Proprietary Facilities Vice Chairman
  • Dave Paison, Council of Associate Members Vice Chairman
  • Janet Snipes, Immediate Past Chairman

Outgoing board members Dana Olson and Janet Burns were recognized for their years of service to the association with an appreciation award.  Janet Snipes, outgoing Chairman of the Board was recognized for her 10 years of service as Chairman and presented with an all-expense paid week vacation to New York City.  Janet will remain active on the board as Immediate Past President.

Spotlight On Excellence Award Winners

There were over 125 nominations submitted for the annual Spotlight on Excellence Awards program.  Everyone nominated was a winner.  Judges found it very challenging to narrow the field down to finalists.  This year's winners were:

Partner In Quality: Dr. Jan DeCiacco, Little Sisters of the Poor
C.N.A.: Emily Chop, Aspen House Memory Care Assisted Living
Activities: James Arneach, Uptown Care Center
Social Services: Jennifer Bransteitter, Holly Heights Care Center
Therapy: Julia Gwinn, Bethany Rehabilitation Center
Dietary: Jacque Reilly, Clear Creek Care Center
Environmental: Paul Bongiovanni, Little Sisters of the Poor
Health Information Management: Jamie Carothers, Pine Ridge Extended Care
Nurse: Wendy DeWeerd, Aspen House Memory Care Assisted Living
Nursing Administrator: Sandy Gutierrez, Trinidad Inn
Business Management: JaiShree Prarash, Mount St. Francis Nursing Center
Assisted Living Administrator: Carmey Jerome, Aspen House Memory Care
Assisted Living
Nursing Home Administrator, Almaz Berhe, Mount St. Francis Nursing Home

Joyce Humiston Honored With
Vesta Bowden Distinguished Service  Award

The highest honor anyone can receive in Colorado long term care is the Vesta Bowden Achievement Award.  This year’s award was presented to Joyce Humiston, President of C&G Healthcare and District VI Chairman not only for her consistent leadership role in CHCA, but for her lifetime devotion to long term ca re residents and the staff that care for them.

Joyce has, over the years, facilitated the advancement of long term care in many ways.  She has been instrumental in developing a medication aide certification program, and leading a health care company that manages nursing communities in Colorado and New Mexico.


Joyce fosters the highest ideals and ethical standards in long term care, evidenced by her true compassion and care she provides for the frail elderly and disabled individuals.


She has served as a mentor to many current long term care professionals.

She has been an active voice for promoting a positive image of long term care through her active participation in legislative affairs and public policy development by testifying at crucial legislative hearings.  Joyce has also become a passionate fundraiser for the Colorado Health Care Association and American Health Care Association political action committees.

Joyce Humiston’s dedication and leadership to long term care as a proactive mentor for long term care is an example in excellence we can all follow.  Congratulations Joyce Humistion!




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