Suspension of Standard Surveys Continues

CMS announced on its national call with nursing homes on April 15 that the suspension of standard surveys will continue until further notice. This means the CMS guidance released on March 23 has been extended until CMS states otherwise. CMS will continue to conduct surveys for immediate jeopardy situations and additional infection control focused surveys using this tool.

Use this tool to perform self-assessments of your infection control policies, plans, and practices, including visitor entry and screening; infection surveillance; education, monitoring, and screening of staff; handwashing, donning and doffing of PPE, and other transmission-based precautions. You can find additional information to help you with AHCA’s Action Brief and on ahcancalED.

Surveyors entering the building should bring their own PPE; be sure to screen surveyors as you would any visitor to the building, which now includes temperature checks. Surveyors should spend as little time onsite as possible for these surveys and are instructed not to investigate routine issues.