SAMS Level III Information

The below information if from the American Health Care Association:

Facilities have until November 20th to start reporting Point of Care (POC) antigen test results to NHSN before CMS exercises enforcement discretion. This requirement comes from an updated June 4th HHS memo on laboratory testing.

To access this new reporting module in NHSN, facilities must upgrade from SAMS Level-1 to Level-3 access. If there is no attachment, than all of your facilities have SAMS Level-3 access, according to the CDC.

We understand that some facilities are in the upgrade process already but are showing up on the list because their upgrade is not finalized. We also understand that some facilities due to delays in CDC process may miss the Nov 21st deadline

Instructions on upgrading to SAMS Level-3 access are available here. Alternatively, facilities can email with the subject line “Enhancing Data Security” to begin upgrading their SAMS access to use this Pathway.

If you have additional questions, please contact “


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Even if you are able to are able to submit your application,  please still still contact the email bolded above using the subject line suggested and review your timeline of submission and send in.


If you have any other questions, please contact Erin Thomas, Director of Quality and Regulatory Affairs., 720-935-5490