From Quiltt Co-Founder & CEO, Freddie Peyerl (fpeyerl@quiltt.com | 303.895.7275)

Quiltt makes Visitation Reservation System free for all Senior Care facilities
It’s been just over a year now since Senior Care communities began locking down and
suspending visitation from family & friends with residents. It’s been a year of isolation,
frustration, and loneliness for many residents. However, with Covid cases in some segments of
Senior Care plummeting as much as 83% since vaccinations began in late December, and with
deaths dropping 66% during that same time frame- the time has finally arrived to re-open

With CMS recently revising their visitation recommendations, residents and families are eagerly
awaiting decisions & guidance from Senior Care facilities regarding guidelines specific to their

So, how can facilities best manage this process? Open door policies simply aren’t realistic, and
e-mail/call-in reservations can be time consuming, inconvenient, and potentially error-prone.
More impactfully, facility staff tending to visitation reservation scheduling become unavailable for
caretaking of residents and other important daily initiatives.

Fortunately, Quiltt is helping by now offering their Visitation Reservation feature within the Quiltt
Resident Engagement & Family Communication platform free to any senior care facility through
the end of 2021. “We made the decision to offer this feature at no cost, for any senior care
community, simply because we feel it’s the best way for us to do our part in helping residents
and their families begin the process of returning to the norm we all knew before Covid hit”, said
Freddie Peyerl, Co-Founder and CEO of Quiltt. “We have had facilities in many states
successfully using this reservation system since last summer for outdoor visitations, where it’s
been allowable, and we are so excited to be a part of even more families getting to see loved
ones for the first time in a year in some cases. For us, this was an easy decision and we simply
feel it’s the right thing to do. There has been an ‘esprit de corps’ across the country as we have
all navigated Covid together, and this just puts us in great company with so many other
businesses that have sacrificed potential revenue to instead receive the reward and fulfillment
that comes from these types of service initiatives.”

With the reservation system from Quiltt, families are empowered to quickly & easily schedule
visitation with their loved ones right from their mobile devices through the Quiltt app. Facilities
can determine how many visitation spots will be available each day, get notified of new
reservations, and manage those reservations easily through Quiltt as well- allowing more time
for resident care.

A user of the Quiltt platform for nearly a year, Leslie Powell from Milestone Retirement
Communities has enjoyed the ease, convenience, and impact of the reservations system. “Quiltt
has been a wonderful tool in connecting with our family members! Our families have been
tortured by the mandates limiting visitations and this app helps us share in the moment with
them. The team can upload photos, we can send out notifications to families with updates, they
can RSVP for visits, plus they see the menu and activities calendar, which gives them
conversation starters when geographic distance prevents them from visiting in person.”.
The last year has been a trying time, especially for families with loved ones in senior care
facilities. Fortunately, we can now all once again look forward to more time with family & friends.
For more information on Quiltt, please visit us at https://www.quiltt.com/ .