KMGH Channel 7’s Marshall Zelinger Speaks To CHCA PR Committee

Marshall Zelinger of KMGH-TV Channel 7 News speaks to the CHCA Public Relations Committee

The CHCA PR Committee, responsible for  creating a strong reputation and public perception of the long term care profession in Colorado through public relations and media outreach, welcomed KMGH Channel 7 reporter Marshall Zelinger this week to discuss story development… and how to pitch a strong story to media outlets.

When crafting a story, Zelinger said it’s imperative to find “a character, someone who you can build the story around.” This allows the audience to relate to someone, a real person, instead of a general idea. “It humanizes the story for the viewer,” he said.

Mr. Zelinger gave several examples that, while they didn’t relate specifically to long term care, gave something of a blueprint to the committee that they can take back to their communities.

Being on the lookout for great stories — a resident making great strides, an employee going the extra mile, or a new treatment being performed in your community — is key to building a story and getting it the attention it deserves.

A big, big thank you goes out to Marshall Zelinger and Channel 7 News for taking the time to share thoughts and ideas with our committee. Your time was greatly appreciated and very helpful!

If you’re interested in participating in the next PR Committee meeting, which will be in mid-April, send an email with your interest to sdewitt <at> cohca <dot> org. 

And we’re always looking for stories to feature on our blog or in our CHCA In Focus Newsletter, so be sure to send those along as well!