Marketing Liaison

Marketing Liaison

Position Overview
Responsible for overall supervision and operation of the Marketing department, census development and community relations programs in accordance with laws, regulations and facility guidelines.

Basic Qualifications

Education and Certification:
Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business or other related field.

Minimum of 1-3 years experience in health care, long-term care or other marketing industry is preferred.

Essential Job Duties
• Recruits, selects and orients qualified team members and volunteers for the Marketing Department.
• Provides expectations and monitors performance of Marketing Department staff.
• Provides overall supervision of the Marketing Department and provides guidance to the Marketing staff.

• Manages labor budget and control expenses in accordance with company guidelines.

• First point of contact for inquiries and prospects for admission.
• Oversees the daily Marketing meetings within the facility.
• Creates and executes the facility marketing plan.
• Makes outreach calls to community referral sources to generate leads and inquiries.
• Visits area hospitals and other referral sources to speak with potential residents regarding facility services.
• Meets goals and expectations for budgeted census, census development, quality case mix, etc.
• Coordinates and hosts events for the community on behalf of the facility, including open houses, health fairs, etc.
• Schedules and provides facility tours for inquiries and prospects, including families.
• Participates in various routine and non-routine meetings to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of facility outcomes.

• Assists with the admissions process as needed and welcomes new residents and families to the facility.
• Reports daily, weekly and monthly inquiry, admission and other information timely and accurately based on Company guidelines.

• Develops positive community relations with local referral sources, civic organizations, etc. through attendance a local health fairs, trade shows and other community events.

• Communicates recommendations of services based on the needs of referral sources.
• Performs follow up on inquiries and other sales calls.
• Monitors resident, family and referral source satisfaction; makes recommendations as needed.
• Builds rapport with competitors in order to accurately determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
• Creates promotional materials, newsletters, announcements, etc. and ensures availability for inquiries.
• Communicates significant information for press releases within the community.

Company Info

Company Name
Orchard Park Healthcare

Contact Name
Cherri McKenzie





6005 S Holly
Centennial, CO 80121