In Focus Newsletter February 25, 2021

February 25, 2021

2021 CHCA Member Directory

Since 1992, CHCA has put together a Member Directory for its membership containing information about the organization and membership and these directories have been found on the desks of providers throughout the long-term care profession. Now, CHCA is removing the Members Directory from those desks and replacing it with a more easily accessible Digital Directory available at your fingertips.  You’ll be able to find information and contacts for nursing homes and assisted living communities, management companies, associate members, and more.

This new format will be available to all members 24/7 through our website and through the CHCA APP, available on the App Store and Google Play. This also means that the directory can be updated weekly with new information as it becomes available.

CHCA has put together an Introductory Video to walk members through the functionality of our new Directory. The Directory can be accessed here:  The Access code for the directory will be: CHCADIR21

If you have any questions about the directory, have any updates you would like to submit, or want to inquire about ad-space within the directory, please contact Katie O’Dell,


Visitation: Since vaccination began in December providers have asked how that would impact indoor visitation.  While we do believe that vaccine will eventually lead to the opportunity for less restrictive visitation, at this point visitation is not linked in any direct way to vaccination rates.  Before that can happen, we will need to see new guidance from both CMS and CDPHE.  We are continuing to work with CDPE on a regular basis, and AHCA is in constant communication with CDC and CMS on this issue.

Meanwhile, the relative decrease in COVID-19 spread throughout Colorado means that many providers are able to begin indoor visitation, as long as they can meet the guidelines outlined in Public Health Order 20-20.  After nearly a year of restriction, there is now a clear expectation that if you meet criteria for visitation, activities, and communal dining you are doing so or have rationale as to why you are not.

Below are the directives and guidance regarding Dining, Activities, Indoor and Outdoor Visitation and Testing. We also want to encourage you to involve your entire IDT, Medical Director and Ombudsman in the plan for execution when resuming these tasks, if applicable in your facility.  There is a lot to consider as you work through these changes.  Please contact Erin Thomas ( if you have questions or need assistance.

Updated Facilities Checklist (1-20-2020) Maps out dining, activities and visitation allowances.

Public Health Order 20-20(11-20-2020) Maps out visitation requirements and dial specifics.

Indoor Visitation Guideline Specifics

Outdoor Visitation Guidelines Specifics

Residential Care Strike Team Webpage

CDPHE Long term Care Facilities Page that houses all of the above.

EMResource: Providers are strongly encouraged to continue daily EMresource reporting as the entries will be compared to your facility demographics during survey (i.e., staffing patterns, PPE supply, rationale for the absence of visitation) CDPHE has indicated that this will be part of their survey work moving forward, and that deficiencies could be issued for a lack of reporting or inconsistency in the data entered.

Below are two links one to CDPHE for FAQs regarding EMresource, the second to CHCA for further instructions on entry.

PASRR: Keep in mind the change over from eQHealth to the Telligen/Qualitrac is fast approaching and it is a necessity that facility leaders understand how to navigate the new system.  The State PASRR office wants providers to be mindful of the following timeline:

  • The last day to trigger the assignment and completion of a Level II evaluation through eQHealth is February 15, 2021.
  • Triggering PAL’s that have expiring 1135 waivers or time limited approvals which require Level II’s will be processed and given a 30-day extension to submit to Telligen.”
  • Triggering PALs reporting new or other issues related to PASRR conditions will be processed by eQHealth as usual until February 24, 2021.
  • After February 15, 2021, all new requests for Level II evaluations will receive a 30-day extension.
  • Non-triggering PALS or 1135 waivers that are expiring but have no other triggers should be submitted as non-triggers in the eQHealth system.
  • After February 24, 2021, all PAL submissions to eQHealth will be cancelled.  You will need to submit to Telligen or wait until March 1, 2021 to enter into Telligen/Qualitrac portal.
  • Any pended submissions in the eQHealth portal that are not completed by eQHealth by February 26, 2021 will be cancelled and will need to be resubmitted to Telligen beginning on March 1, 2021.
  • Telligen email address:

Registration for the  Telligen portal can be found on, under the Telligen/Qualitrac tab.  All instruction webinars with step by step process directives and instructions are housed at

Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payment (AAP) Repayment: AHCA has recently sent out guidance and information surrounding the timeline and details of repayment of the Medicare Accelerated and Advance Payments the first of which were received by some providers in April of 2020.  Please click here for a summary of this information and links to other detailed resources regarding repayment.

Medicaid COVID-19 Supplemental Payment: Colorado Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF) has announced that a second COVID-19 supplemental payment will be made to Medicaid Skilled Nursing Providers in 2021.  They are currently waiting on CMS approval of the State Plan Amendment that includes this payment and providers can expect to see funds by the end of March 2021.

Similar to the payment made in May of 2020, providers will receive a % of the $13.3 million that has been allocated for this payment.  The amount received will be based on a building’s Medicaid census from 10/1/19 to 9/30/20 divided by state-wide Medicaid census for the same period.  Also, similar to the payment received in 2020, providers will need to offset this revenue on their 2021 Med-13 cost report.  We will share further info on this payment as we receive it from HCPF.


Please note that all education offerings are currently only offered via our Digital Classroom.  As we progress through 2021 we will continue to evaulate if and when it is appropriate to start hosting in-person trainings again.

March 2 – Attempting to Understand Dementia-The Foundations

This course will look at reversible and irreversible types of dementia, best practice approaches, and look at how all care partners, family members and the community as a whole can impact an individual who is living with progressive dementia’s quality of life for the better.

March 9 – OSHA Workplace Violence Prevention at Inpatient Healthcare Facilities

This webinar will cover the definition of workplace violence, the magnitude of the problem will be described, strategies for addressing workplace violence will be presented, and an explanation of how OSHA conducts an inspection of workplace violence will be given.          


The COVID-19: Moving into the Future series will cover an array of topics from pivotal and dynamic leaders in our industry. Including an overview of the pandemic, the role of the infection preventionist, environmental services, and tangible steps for moving forward. During this training, attendees will develop skills for addressing grief, trauma and the impact of COVID-19 on resident quality of life. The opportunity to engage with Medical Directors to discuss and review current vaccines and emergent variants will be available as well as learning to overcome the myths surrounding the vaccine and how to encourage your community to vaccinate. Presenters will also review how to focus on Staff Burnout and offer an update from the QIO.

March 9 – COVID-19 19: Moving Forward -Infection Control Webinar Series (Day 1)

  • An overview of the pandemic, the role of the infection preventionist and environmental services, and tangible steps for moving forward (Linda Savage; SaveSeniorCare)
  • Grief, trauma (trauma informed care) and the impact of COVID-19 on resident quality of life (Jan Katayama)

March 16 – COVID-19 19: Moving Forward-Infection Control Webinar Series (Day 2)

  • Overcoming the myths of the vaccine-how to get staff and residents vaccinated (Alpine Living Center)
  • COVID-19 Tools, Processes and Best Practices (Chad James)

March 23 – COVID-19 19: Moving Forward-Infection Control Webinar Series (Day 3)

  • Vaccines and Variants: What’s Next? (Dr. Greg Gahm, Vivage Senior Living)
  • Medical Directors: How we can help during COVID-19 and Beyond (Dr. Leslie Eber, CMDA/ Rocky Mountain Senior Care)

March 30 – COVID-19 19: Moving Forward-Infection Control Webinar Series (Day 4)

  • Staff Burnout and COVID-19: How do we move forward? (Cheryl Kruschke)
  • Telligen – Updates from Your QIO 

April 6 – Resident Council Documentation and Facilitation Techniques

Come join the discussion on how best to prep, organize and facilitate Resident Council. From care partner participation, to Resident leadership, to documenting Resident Council grievances, we will walk through Resident Council from start to finish. Learn how to facilitate and gain Resident feedback through Resident Council questionnaires during the pandemic, and how to organize meeting minutes based on those questionnaires. Join the discussion and bring back key takeaways, including the confidence to move forward with a successful Resident Council!


Please note: All CHCA Meetings are open to the entire membership, and all members are welcome.  If you are reading this newsletter, you are a member of CHCA!

March 3            Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee

March 9            Quality Initiatives and Leadership Committee

March 10          Colorado Center for Assisted Living

March 11          Nurse Executive Council

March 16          Activities Professionals Council

March 17          District II Virtual Meeting

March 18          Governmental Policy Council

March 18          CHCA Board of Directors Meeting

March 24          District I Virtual Meeting

March 25          District III Virtual Meeting

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