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  • Boys and Girls Club (Find a Club)
    For example, one staff person who gets off work from the day shift could pick up multiple kids to drop them off for an after-school program until their closure time. This would prevent parents from volunteering to care for each other’s children and the attendant potential liabilities or responsibilities. The fee and hours of operation vary for each Boys and Girls Club, please review availability in your Community. 
  • YMCA
    There are YMCA’s throughout Colorado that have before/ after school and summer programs available. The fees for these programs vary, but some facilities do have limited financial assistance available, and families with CCCAP should contact the facility directly.
  • School Based Childcare
    Some schools provide school based childcare, such as Champions  or SAE, some of these programs accept CCCAP, or have discounted rates based on family resources. Please connect with the school directly to see if they have a program available.
  • Colorado Preschool Program
  • Colorado Shines

For Families in Need

Transportation Resources 

  • Management Transportation Guideline 
  • Transportation Toolkit

    How might a facility explore the possibility of collaborative ride sharing or child transportation sharing?
  • Explore the ages of employees’ children via a brief survey
  • Inquire with employees as to whether they would consider cooperative child drop-off or pick-up with co-workers they trust
  • Map employees’ home addresses (based on employee payroll information) to determine clusters for ride-sharing
  • Facilities may be able to purchase a ride-sharing application, which would allow personnel to enter their data and be “matched” to partners, even potentially in a group of nearby facilities.
    CDOT Carpooling 
    WaytoGo ( This service has resources specific to employers and schools in Colorado)
  • ZipCar is a resource available in Colorado (Aurora, Breckenridge, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins, Golden, Greenwood Village).
    Individual Fee: $7/Monthly, $10/ Hour Driving Rates and $83/ Daily Rates.
    There is a ZipCar Business option available, but it is more costly.
    Membership Includes:
    – Secondary Insurance for All Trips
    – Free Gas for All Trips
    – Maintenance and 24/7 Roadside Assistance
    – 180 Miles per day ($.58 per mile after that)

 C.N.A. Job Improvement

  • Integrate activities aides and C.N.A.s with defined percentage of time spent doing direct care vs. participating in other engagement.
  • Combine C.M.A. and C.N.A. for as many as want to do the job – also hiring direct to C.M.A. licensure program.
  • C.N.A. Resource Center 
  • Hospitality Aides
    – Unlicensed, maybe pending C.N.A. cert and some staying as aides
    – Reduces patient load
    – Opens up hiring pool for those who just want their foot in the door)
    – Can also include sponsoring through the class to become licensed [Link to CMA resource page]
    – Job descriptions or training resources for hospitality aides

Is it feasible (or what would make it so) for facilities to limit contact to some staff for 1-week or even shorter periods so that their time off is truly respected as time away from work?

  • It may be possible to introduce this program at a certain break-point, such as doing so on specific shifts/units that are fully staffed or even doing a single day per week of “no contact” when staffing is more supported. There also might be a possibility of instituting small reward programs for individuals to be the designated back-up for a shift/unit in order to give a break to another person, even on a 2-person alternation. For example, a full family meal from the local grocery deli or KFC for the evening the person has to be on call so they can more fully enjoy being off duty. Starting small-scale is likely the only way to truly begin a program like this or it would either fail or fall on the shoulders of facility management to fill in for call-offs.
    Examples: unit pairing, weekly rotations, daily rotations, designated managerial support, partial shifts.

Management Training & Resources

Mental Health Support

Identification and Prevention of Burnout 

Supportive Services