District II Day at the Capitol

DII_CapOne of the key missions of CHCA is to gain access to elected officials through advocacy and lobbying. Oftentimes, the most effective lobbying for our profession comes from the professionals themselves: Administrators and nurses, who really know and understand the challenges facing Long Term Care in the state, telling their stories is imperative.

Taking time to join us for the Legislative Reception is one thing, but showing up to visit elected officials at the State Capitol is both a great experience as well as a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the process and speak frankly with those who hold the fate of Long Term Care in their hands.

Several professionals from CHCA’s District II (Northern Front Range) joined the lobbying team for a day at the State Capitol today. Members were able to meet with elected officials, talk about policies affecting long term care in the state, and watch voting from the gallery. They were then treated to a tour of the building, including a trip up to the famous Golden Dome, followed by lunch downtown.

If you’d like to see the inner workings of our democracy, specifically with how it relates to long term care, we can help set that up! Call Sam DeWitt, Director of Communication at CHCA: 303.861.8228, or email, sdewitt <at> cohca <dot> org.

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