Recognizing that visitor restrictions may be difficult for residents and families, CMS has developed this application template for requests for the use of Civil Money Penalty (CMP) Reinvestment funds to provide residents with adaptive communicative technologies.

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CHCA Event Cancellations Related to COVID-19

Recording of the April 3 conference call discussing new AHCA Guidance. Please Skip to 2 minutes in.

The American Health Care Association Resources

The American Health Care Association has a very thorough website dedicated to COVID-19.  The site includes the most up to date recommendations and resources for providers, including guidance and resources from CDC and CMS.

 Access the AHCA Website Here

PPE Face Masks Available, posted by AHCA 4/16

AHCA Member COVID-19 Email Update Archive

CDC Updates Transmission Based Precautions, Duration of Isolation, and Return to Work Criteria Posted July 20, 2020

CDPHE Updates

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is providing updates for Public Health Departments and Health Care Providers on all matters through their website. Among other things, the site contains information about COVID-19 testing, and a section of resources for Long Term Care providers in particular.

CDPHE Guidance for Outdoor Visitation 6/25

CMS FAQs on Visitation  6/25

 Access the CDPHE Health Department & Health Care Provider Site Here

Healthcare workers seeking child care should check this new resource: Colorado Emergency Child Care Collaborative

Other Resources

If your community is running low on PPE, you should make a request though your local health department.

Colorado’s Local Health Departments

CDC Duration of Isolation Precautions Guidance Updated

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