News Updates: September 2nd, 2021

State Board of Health Requires Vaccination for Healthcare Facilities

9/2/2021 Reminder: Additional Dose/Booster vaccine clinic surveys due, CDPHE representatives will be in contact

9/1/2021  Nursing Home Round Table

City and County of Denver Vaccine Mandate for those who serve potentially at-risk populations 8/2/2021

Federal Vaccine mandate for nursing home workers 8/18/2021 – PENDING Department of Health and Human Services Regulatory Development

To find record of a vaccination administered to a Colorado resident:  Colorado’s Immunization System

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Ongoing Education

CHCA Continues to provide education responding to COVID-19, for more information, please check out our Calendar


CDPHE / Local Guidance and Recommendations

Residential Care Facility (RCF) Comprehensive Mitigation Guidance

Colorado Current Outbreak Data

CDPHE Blog – Latest information sent to health facilities directly from the State Health Department


Posted Resources


Federal Guidance & Recommendations (CMS, CDC)

CDC’s Definition of Immunocompromised Individuals in need of Booster Vaccination

CMS Blanket Waivers

OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard

CDC Tool Kit


AHCA/NCAL Guidance & Recommendations

Posted Resources

Videos and Best Practices for Encouraging Vaccination

AHCA COVID-19 Resource Page

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CHCA Information & Resources

3/24 Any suspected or confirmed case or outbreak of COVID-19 should immediately be reported to the local or state public health agency. To report, utilize the Outbreak Reporting Form for Long-Term Care Facilities. Send this form to your local public health agency OR to CDPHE by securely emailing a completed form to: You may also contact your local public health agency or the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 303-692-2700 (8:30 – 5:00, Monday – Friday) or 303-370-9395 (after-hours, holidays and weekends). Click here for all Health Department contacts.

If your community is running low on PPE, you should make a request though your local health department. Colorado’s Local Health Departments

Please note that all CHCA educational trainings will be held digitally.

Archived Information

Please Note: The information below could be considered out of date, practice or no longer accepted by State/Federal Surveyors. This information is only posted for archival purposes.

CDPHE / Local Guidance and Recommendations

CDPHE Residential Care Setting Surveillance Testing Strategy & Guidance 7/2

CDPHE Guidance for Outdoor Visitation 6/25

CDPHE Guidance for Sending COVID samples to the State Lab 6/15

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has developed a COVID-19 Testing Handbook for skilled nursing facilities to send samples to the state lab for testing. The Testing Handbook is located here. When the guidance on the Testing Handbook is not followed, it can result in delayed testing results or unsatisfactory specimens. Prior to submitting samples to the state lab, please review the Testing Handbook and contact Maren Moorehead at with additional questions.

D-HAN Update Prepare for the Flu Season Early !! Click here for the Advisory 6/15

CDPHE COVID -19 …. New Survey Entrance Conference Requirements 5/7

CDPHE Information and Instructions for State Regulation Waiver Application  4/15

Denver City and County Updated Resource Request Form

CDPHE COVID Survey Entrance Conference Worksheet 3/31

CDPHE COVID Focused Survey Guidance 3/31

CDPHE COVID-19 Outbreak Reporting Form for LTC Facilities 3/30

CDPHE COVID-19 Surveillance Form -Residents 3/24

Federal Guidance & Recommendations (CMS, CDC)

CMS FAQs on Visitation  6/25

CMS Nursing Home Reopening Recommendations 6/3

CMS Tool Kit for COVID-19 5/14

CMS Waivers for LTC  5/1

CMS Memo: Notification of Confirmed COVID-19 Among Residents and Staff in Nursing Homes 4/19

CMS Extends Suspension of Standard Surveys 4/16

CMS releases transfer and discharge guidance for LTC 4/14

CMS COVID-19 Focused Survey Protocol. 3/31

AHCA/NCAL Guidance & Recommendations

HHS Releases SNF Infection Control Terms and Conditions 8/31

AHCA update on how to IDR a citation under F884, failure to report timely in NHSN Details here 6/16

NHSN Reporting and Related Citations & Fines 6/15

AHCA Steps to Limit COVID-19 Spread and Outbreaks in LTC 4/21

AHCA Recommendations for When a Resident Wants to Leave the Building 4/15

AHCA/NCAL Guidance: Accepting Admissions from Hospitals During COVID-19 Pandemic 3/31

AHCA COVID-19: Screening Checklist – for Visitors and Staff 3/31

AHCA template letter to advise families in the event of a COVID positive in your community 3/30

AHCA/NCAL Guidance: Accepting Admissions from Hospitals During COVID-19 Pandemic Revised 3/30