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Jenny Albertson, NHA

Director of Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Time for Flu Shots!

Cases of Influenza have skyrocketed in the past week.

We are seeing a very early flu season, and our local flu experts are telling us it is worth vaccinating now to prevent massive outbreaks.  As of the end of September, 444 of 46,412 specimens tested across the US were positive for influenza. In just one week, this increased to 4,205,970 specimens tested of which 360,500 were positive. 97% of those were influenza A and 70% of the influenza A was H3N2.

It is time to vaccinate residents and staff as soon as possible.

Wear your masks, open doors and windows to improve ventilation when possible, and most of all – GET VACCINATED!!!


Information provided courtesy of Gregory Gahm, MD