CNA Appreciation Week 2020

Everyday Heroes

The stereotype of a superhero is that they only wear capes.

Flying around the world, we see what a difference they make.

We think of them as larger than life, not regular like you and me.

But there’s more to a true hero, than you believe them to be.

Heroes come to the rescue looking for no reward or praise.

Heroes get up and go, even sometimes on their sick days.

Heroes wear uniforms, like aprons and scrubs too.

Heroes are here and there; they look just like me and you.

They show up to do the job when everyone else is home.

Heroes leave their family and friends to risk it all alone.

Heroes give love and hugs, things taken for granted for sure.

Heroes hold on tight, we don’t know the struggles they endure.

Heroes clock in and out, working hours of overtime.

Heroes keep on pushing when there’s no extra strength to find.

Heroes have mini heroes at home, they miss them day and night.

Even though there’s a risk, heroes keep on doing what’s right.

Heroes get scared and lonely; heroes get tired and ill.

Heroes know we need them, they care how others feel.

Heroes care for others when they need care too.

Heroes put themselves last to care for me and you.

Take a minute to find a hero, actually only a second will do.

Find the hero in your life, that hero may even be you.

Tell our heroes they are loved and forgotten not.

Give the hero in your life a seat at the number one spot.

Shout out to them, tell them you see all the good they do.

Because of our heroes big and small we know we’ll make it through.


By: Qualonda Bennett