CHCA/CCAL History and Services

The Colorado Health Care Association was founded in 1955 to serve as a support group for those individuals providing Long Term Care to the elderly. This group, known at the time as the Colorado Nursing Home Association, had an elected Board of Directors, but no professional staff. In the early 1960s, changes began to take place within the profession, followed closely by changes in the Association. In 1963, an office was opened and an Executive Director was hired to work with elected officers.

The Colorado Health Care Association believes that the health care system has a responsibility to meet and exceed the physical and psychological needs of the Long Term Care resident in the most
cost-effective manner possible. Our purpose is to work with our members in meeting such challenges, while continually striving to achieve a higher quality of care. CHCA/CCAL and all of its active members are also members of the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living, national organizations representing more than 12,000 Long Term Care communities from coast to coast. These organizations are dedicated to improving health care for the disabled and chronically ill.

The Colorado Health Care Association & Center for Assisted Living represents a healthy majority of Colorado’s nursing homes and many assisted living residences. These are active, voting members of the Association. Vendors, organizations, and any licensed administrators not actively employed in the field are eligible for associate membership. The active membership is organized into six districts covering the entire state. Each district elects its own officers, each District Chair serves on the Board of Directors for the duration of their term, and holds district meetings on a regular basis. These districts are key channels for distributing and disseminating information to members within their geographic region, a critical function of the Association, as it allows critical updates about survey, regulatory changes, and proposed legislation to flow quickly and efficiently to our members.

CHCA/CCAL is governed by an 18 member Board of Directors, including members representing the Governmental Policy Council and Quality Initiatives & Leadership Council, and receives
informational contributions throughout the year from each and every Committee Chair. CHCA/CCAL also utilizes contract lobbyists at the state and federal levels to fight against damaging legislation and support legislators who support the Long Term Care profession. Outside legal counsel assists in all legal matters and any litigation that may arise.