CDPHE Isolation Plan FAQs April 27, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions: 

We already have a plan, do we need to fill out and submit the form?

Yes. A facility will not be in compliance with Public Health Order 20-20 unless a completed form is submitted through the email address.

We are having a hard time filling out the form, can we send in our own form?

No. The Public Health Order directly references the form and in order to be in compliance, the completed form must be submitted.

We have multiple locations/facilities, can we submit one form for them all?

No. A form will need to be completed for each facility.

Form Guidance:

It is best to download the form and complete it using Adobe Reader. You may be working with the form in a browser preview window instead of Adobe Reader. Browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox treat previews like web pages. If you navigate away from the form (clicking a link, closing a tab, etc.) all the completed fields will be lost, and it can be tricky to save a file using a browser. Using a browser to complete the form is not recommended. You can find a more in-depth explanation at:

The Isolation Plan form allows for lengthy paragraphs of text to be entered into relatively small text boxes. This allows us to review long portions of text while maintaining a concise document. If you print a copy for your own records your printer won’t resize the boxes and all of the text below the scroll line won’t print.

For questions about how to submit your isolation plan, please contact (303) 692-2836.