Cards Because You Care – Love and Appreciation for the Residents and Staff in Colorado Nursing Homes

Wash your hands. Keep up social distaining. Wear your mask in public. There is a lot that everyday Coloradoans can do to stop the spread of COVID-19.

But what can we do for our more vulnerable populations? What more can I do to help?

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living communities across the state have had to stay in lockdown for the safety of their staff and residents for going on ten months. And while the isolation is protecting them from the virus, many residents of these facilities are looking back on the days of daily visitors and having a close connection with their communities with heavy hearts.

To combat the loneliness, The Colorado Health Care Association and The Dementia Partnership are asking everyday Coloradoans to send some love and appreciation to these communities who have been working day and night through the entire pandemic to keep our loved ones happy and healthy. Many facilities across Colorado invite the public to send welcoming cards, drawings, and letters to staff and residents to show your support. Any tokens of kindness and appreciation are welcome and will make an enormous difference to the members of these communities, some of which have not seen family in person in nearly a year.

Wanting to send some love?

Please click here to pick a community

Please note: If you have questions, please direct them to Erin Thomas, instead of contacting a facility.