C.N.A Licensure Concerns–August 2021

AS OF AUGUST 13, 2021

Here is the latest information received from CDPHE and DORA regarding the Temporary Nurse Aide certification program:

CNA graduates with existing temporary licenses are permitted to work under the temporary license through December 31, 2021. All temporary CNA (T-NA) licenses will expire no later than that date and some may expire prior to 12/31/21. Certificates can be renewed and must be verified online via DORA’s website. T-NA licenses that expired 6/30/21 may apply for a second temporary certification with passage of written exam and attestation to register for skills exam within 60 days.  On 8/5/21, DORA notified all T-NAs directly of upcoming changes and requirements.

We remain at a significant disadvantage with the lack of testing sites (supplied by Pearson VUE) around the state.  Our southwestern Colorado members, for example, must drive candidates several hours to reach a testing site.  Unfortunately, DORA has contracted these sites to Pearson VUE, and rather than being the actual managers of the sites, they authorize the opening of test sites by private businesses as they apply for the ability to become a testing location.  The existing sites may be queried by location here:


Additionally, the ability for us to train our C.N.A. candidates is dwindling throughout the state. As of the latest update provided by DORA on 7/29/2021, 123 of the 228 skilled nursing facilities in Colorado are unable to conduct C.N.A. training due to CMS penalties, and the majority of those will be unable to do so until the year 2023.  CHCA is working to find a solution to this problem, created by federal regulation, and will provide any positive updates.  Given the present circumstance it is now imperative that we leverage the training programs that remain available to achieve licensure for the few candidates we have.  You may find the DORA approved programs listed by county here: