Arlene Miles Scholarship Foundation

The Colorado Health Care Association is proud to support the Arlene Miles Scholarship Program.

As the longest serving Executive in the history of the Colorado Health Care Association, Arlene Miles’s contributions to long term care have left an enduring impact on Colorado’s healthcare landscape. Arlene began her career in 1972 working in the business office of a nursing home in Colorado Springs, Colorado. From there, she progressed to become a licensed nursing home administrator, eventually having responsibility for managing two nursing homes and a retirement community. In 1982 Arlene became Executive Director of the Colorado Health Care Association. She built CHCA into the state’s largest association representing long term care providers and achieved numerous profession-altering victories during her tenure. This scholarship encourages nurses to continue Arlene’s trailblazing influence as they progress through their careers and leave a lasting impact on long-term care and senior living.

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Nominate Your Communities Dedicated CNA or LPN for the Arlene Miles Scholarship

  • Please note that this scholarship is available to CHCA Members to apply to; the scholarship may be applied to tuition, fees and books. All submissions will be presented to a committee to determine which dedicated long-term care professional (s) will receive the scholarship.

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