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Vote Long Term

Your voice helps shape the future of long-term care in Colorado

You may not be political. You may avoid political discussion with friends and family. You may follow the rule that it’s rude to discuss politics at parties.

That’s fine. We get that. And we’re not going to ask you to knock on doors and make phone calls to your friends and neighbors.

However, it is not a stretch to say that whoever is elected to office this fall will have a huge say in the future of Long-Term Care, and their votes could affect our communities for years and even decades to come.

With so much possible change at the state and local level alone, you can’t be expected to be fully informed on every issue. After all, you have a community to run.

This is where your voice is amplified: with the CHCA PAC and Small Donor Committee (SDC).

Why does CHCA have a Political Action Committee?

Active engagement in issues at all levels of government is imperative to protect our businesses and employees. Having a PAC allows for CHCA to best serve its membership by making sure the messaging is sound, the content is delivered properly and professionally, and that outreach campaigns from our members are well thought out and organized to maximize their effectiveness.

Because government decisions in one sector often affect other adjacent sectors, our specialists keep an eye on legislation at every level of government: from municipal, to state, to federal policy.

As the leader in Long-Term Care in Colorado, it is critical that we be engaged and maintain an effective PAC.

How does the CHCA PAC and Small Donor Committee benefit me and my community?

Benefits come in the form of ensuring that your business is adequately represented when long-term care issues are addressed by the government. CHCA PAC and SDC ensure that your voice is amplified by other member voices across the state, making sure it is heard by lawmakers at every level.

Some benefits are intangible. Participating in the CHCA PAC and SDC provides you with the information needed to be more actively involved in the legislative process. You will gain a better understanding of the issues facing long-term care, and will become more comfortable contacting elected officials on behalf of your community and profession.

You can also rest assured knowing that your voice is being heard by lawmakers.