Government Services

Colorado Health Care Association serves as an effective liaison with the Colorado legislature, the United States Congress, and state and national regulatory agencies. The Association promotes statutes and regulations that support an environment where nursing homes and assisted living facilities can provide the highest practicable resident-centered level of care. Legislative updates are made available to inform members of the status of bills, pending regulations and any other key issues concerning long-term care. Legislative workshops are held in the CHCA/CCAL districts to educate members about the grassroots political process. The Governmental Policy Committee monitors upcoming bills and issues recommends the position the Association will take when advocating for our membership.

Grassroots Involvement is the Key to Success

Remember, your representatives in Washington or at the state capital need to hear from you regarding proposed legislation, regulations and general issues related to the long-term care profession. Nothing is more powerful than first-person expertise delivered in clear, concise terms to elected officials. With specific legislative issues, you may be called upon to call, write, or visit your legislator; we can help set up these meetings, help you draft a letter, or help you script a phone call. It’s imperative that you take these opportunities to reach out and create a relationship with those who draft laws and regulations that affect our profession.

One of the best ways to educate a legislator about the needs of the long-term care profession is to invite them to visit your long-term care community. Invite them to an open house or to a planned program during National Nursing Home and Assisted Living Week, or just have them out to review the facility and talk with patients. State legislators are easily contacted by telephone or email, either in their districts or at the capital. Letters, email or faxes are a common form of communication with members of Congress. Remember, these individuals are writing and voting on laws which will have far-reaching effects on the long-term care profession and the residents we serve. Be a part of the decision-making process. Take the responsibility to get involved. Remember, together as long-term care advocates we can make a difference.

Download How To Host A Legislative Visit